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Olej, Walks EP CD artwork

Figure 1. Olej, Walks EP cover art

Hailing from Naberezhnye Chelny, in Russia, and DJing under the alias Olej, Олег Мищихин produces some really amazing electronic music.

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Portico Quartet

Portico Quartet Photo.

Figure 1. Portico Quartet band image.

Four piece contemporary modern Jazz band Portico Quartet are a london based group with a beautifully unique and refreshing approach to Jazz.

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Introducing Modular Scales

The use of scales to aid composition originally surfaced in music [1] , they’re used to add structure and harmony to sound instead of just a series of incoherent noises. In typography they are used to create visual harmony and consistency throughout written documents.

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The Antlers – Kettering

Kettering by Brooklyn based indie rock group The Antlers is a truly touching track that will pluck on the heartstrings of anyone remotely compassionate. This unofficial video with its nicely edited scenes makes the track even more emotionally unsettling.

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