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Introducing Modular Scales

The use of scales to aid composition originally surfaced in music [1] , they’re used to add structure and harmony to sound instead of just a series of incoherent noises. In typography they are used to create visual harmony and consistency throughout written documents.

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Prumo Text

Prumo text sample from DSType.

Figure 1. Prumo Text sample.

Prumo Text is one of many beautiful typefaces designed by DSType, an award winning and internationally renowned foundry. They have some of the finest examples of type design throughout their website, so be sure to check it out.

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lig.a.ture – The act of tying or binding.

Since the creation of moveable type ligatures have taken on a more technical definition which is when two or more letters are cast together to create one sort (or glyph), this is considered a ligature even though the letters may not necessarily be connected as one letterform, but they still occupy a single glyph, which can be difficult to distinguish by eye.

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