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Choosing a Typeface

Choosing a typeface can be incredibly daunting and even overwhelming for those who are unfamiliar with the relevant theory, it should never be a case of choosing your favorite typeface simply because it’s your favorite. Each typeface is designed to serve a specific purpose and they each carry their own qualities and unique characteristics, that… Read more »

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Hanging Punctuation

Figure 1. Hanging punctuation sample. Hanging punctuation is the practice of placing punctuation and bullet points outside of the flow of text. When this is ignored or done incorrectly it breaks the flow of text[1]. Without Hanging Punctuation You can see below in the sample quote how the initial quotation mark sits inline with the… Read more »

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Basic Terminology

Throughout all the type related articles on this website there are many different terms used to describe specific aspects of typography, many of them are explained, since most articles are focusing on a specific aspect of typography, but this article will focus on covering the basics, to ensure readers have a solid understand of the basic terminology in a discipline that is rich with it’s own language.

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Fonts & Typefaces

As a graphic/web designer or a typographer it is vitally important that we learn to properly use terminology that comes with the practice. However, for many designers typographic terminology seems to be an oversight and one of the most misused terms is by far the use font and typeface.

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lig.a.ture – The act of tying or binding.

Since the creation of moveable type ligatures have taken on a more technical definition which is when two or more letters are cast together to create one sort (or glyph), this is considered a ligature even though the letters may not necessarily be connected as one letterform, but they still occupy a single glyph, which can be difficult to distinguish by eye.

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